Welcome to St. John's!

St. John's Anglican Church, Kanata North is a parish of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, which is a diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada, and a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

In-person services are held at St. John's on Sunday mornings. As of May 2024, our services are at 10.00am. You may also join us online, as our services are live-streamed.

'As Christians, we are a source of love, hope and inspiration, and we are committed to meeting the needs of our congregation and the wider community through a spiritual connection with God….'

St. John’s, Kanata North is a Christian spiritual community founded on a serious but not literal reading of the Gospel, sharing worship, music and fellowship. We are committed to assisting those in need. We look for a world where justice and understanding work for all. We respect all faiths. We invite you and your family to journey with us in living this vision.

Historic St. John's, Kanata North is situated at the rural/urban border in the fast-growing Morgan’s Grant-Briarbrook area of Kanata North. It's also the biggest Anglican church in the entire territory formerly known as March Township, and one of the oldest churches of any denomination in the Ottawa Valley. Built in the late 1830s by some of this area's earliest settlers, our simple rectangular building’s original outer walls still stand – formed from locally quarried stone carted to the site by our faithful founders.

Today, we increasingly turn our attention to meeting needs of the communities surrounding us – offering a broad range of worship, fellowship, outreach, Christian education, and other programs for all ages. St. John's offers both outdoor and indoor labyrinths as an aid to seeking individual comfort and spirituality. We have a spacious Parish Hall and offer the wider community ideal meeting, dining, and entertainment facilities for meetings, training sessions, banquets, or receptions.

Come walk our Labyrinths:

  • The Outdoor Labyrinth is available anytime (weather and snow permitting).
  • The Indoor Labyrinth is available during office hours (when the Parish Hall is not in use), or by appointment.

Our Annual Memorial Service is usually held on the morning of the second-last Sunday in June.

The Music Ministry at St. John's is an important aspect of the church's life and worship. Music invites us to glorify God in faithful service, to access and engage with our best selves, form deep connections with one another and the broader community, and to grow in our knowledge of God's grace.